Wednesday, November 7, 2012

오드리 & 앨든 | Katie and Dave's beautiful kids, Audrey & Alden

Katie is my cheerful and thoughtful friend and a versatile illustrator. Time flies. She already has two adorable children. It is so fun to see her lovely family on FB. I totally adore Audrey and Alden and love their costumes for Princeton Halloween Parade this year! They are so cute!
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알버트 로렌즈 | Albert Lorenz

Al was my architectural illustration teacher at FIT. I was fascinated by the extraordinary details of his artwork. He shared his astonishing technique using technical pens, and Rapidograph pens are still my favourite tools. Every time I use them I think of him. All my classmates loved him because it would be difficult to find such a delightful person like him. Illustrators who used to be architects like Prof. Lorenz and Saul Steinberg know how to draw buildings in perspective. With his knowledge of architecture, he has created gemlike illustration for various fields including advertising, magazines, children's books and architectural firms.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

마테오 | Mateo Taiyo Kanaiwa

Genevieve and Takuma's adorable son,
Genevieve and I became friends through a team project from Prof. Soyka's class at FIT. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet her. She, having great inner beauty, is a very talented illustrator, designer, and educator from whom I've been inspired. I love her delicate illustration and sophisticated design styles. She also helped me a lot not to feel lonely as a stranger in NYC. I haven't met her son, Mateo yet because I came back to Korea about three years ago. It's incredible I can see both her and her husband, Takuma from a sweet little baby boy. Thank you so much for being such a good friend, G! I miss you, and can't wait to meet your little angel.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

멜라니 레임 | Melanie Reim

Melanie & Pablo It was a pretty nervous thing to make a portrait of my drawing teacher who is the best. Her class was my favorite at FIT. Melanie Reim who is one of the most passionate people I've ever met, and I am extremely grateful to her.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

김동률 | Dongryul Kim

김동률 콘서트 '감사'

률님과 적군이 있으면 내 취향은 늘 적군쪽으로 쏠렸으나, 공연 중 멘트 한마디 끝나고 "으흐흐흥"하고 약간의 비음이 섞인듯한 웃음 소리 마저도 땅 속 깊이 꺼졌다가 올라오는 듯한 깊고 듬쑥하달까? 짙고 무거운 그만의 음색이 있단 건 뮤지션으로도 큰 장점인 듯 하다. 사소한 감정의 미동에도 전율까지 이어지던 청춘을 거쳐, 지금은 비록 예전 감성을 상실해 메마른 기후지만 피아졸라의 음악을 섞어 반도네온을 사용해 편곡한 '배려'는 단비같이 참 좋더이다. 원래 좋아했던 곡들이 가장 좋은 것인지는 몰라도 엔딩곡 '동반자'도 또한! 중저음의 목소리가 매력적인 남자랑 데이트해보고 싶단 생각 자주 했었는데, 원하는 바는 하루도 이룬 적이 없으나 오늘 하루 중저음 목소리는 원없이 들은 듯!
illustration copyright ⓒ

빈센트 디 페이트 | Vincent Di Fate

Vincent Di Fate, a superb science fiction illustrator, educator, and author. And I've always been charmed by his writing even casually written. I miss you, Prof. Di Fate
illustration copyright ⓒ

제이슨 므라즈 | Jason Mraz

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

다니엘 펠라빈 | Daniel Pelavin

Daniel Pelavin, an amazing illustrator and typographic designer I truly admire.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

조지해리슨 | George Harrison

illustration copyright ⓒ

피나 바우쉬 | Pina Bausch

illustration copyright ⓒ

피나 바우쉬 | Pina Bausch

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싸이 | PSY

힐링캠프 '싸이'편을 보며 저렇게 살 수 있다는 자유로움, 치열함, 철없는 척 쏟아내는 청산유수같은 언변에 숨겨진 명석함, 그의 겁없는 삶이 꽤나 부럽단 생각을 했다. | I was doodling of a Korean musician, Psy. I totally envy his fearless attitude for his life including unconventionality, a feverish zeal for his vision and perspicaciousness hidden in his glib but free-swinging remarks after watching "the Healing Camp." illustration copyright ⓒ

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Botanical Illustration for Primera

illustration by Heekyung Hur
for Primera of AMOREPACIFIC
art directed by
S&I-2 Design Team of AMOREPACIFIC
copyright ⓒ AMOREPACIFIC

I was so thrilled to attend the opening of one of Primera stores at the Lotte Department Store in Myong-dong, Seoul to see my first botanical illustration work applied to the Primera's design concept, 'a botanist's atelier or a lab' as wallpaper, a table top, package design and etc. I really appreciate Soyun Lee and Yujoung Han making my illustration more beautiful with gorgeous design. And thanks so much, Katie for sharing your amazing thesis to help me research reference images for the first step.

일러스트레이터로서 새로운 경험은 늘 긴장과 설렘을 함께 가져다줍니다. 겨울동안 작업했던 첫번째 Botanical Illustration 작업이 드디어 빛을 보게 되었네요 :) 소공면세점과 현대미아점은 벌써 오픈했다고 하는데 전 롯데본점매장에 오픈하는 날 다녀왔어요. 근사하고 따뜻한 디자인으로 제 작업을 다양하게 적용시켜 준 소연님 유정님 너무 감사했습니다! '식물학자의 아뜰리에'라는 디자인컨셉처럼 봄이 다가오는 이 시기와 더불어 녹음이 짙어지듯 발전하는 브랜드가 되길 기원합니다.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012