Thursday, September 26, 2013

평화산책 | Drawing Tour at DMZ

한국만화영상진흥원에서 주최한 DMZ 드로윙투어 참여. 가깝지만 먼나라, 북한을 바라보며 먹먹하기도 하고 묘한 기분이 들었던 하루
Went to South Korea's northernmost for the drawing tour at DMZ hosted by KOMACON, the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, so I could see some part of the southernmost of North Korea from the Unification observatory. By visiting Korean Demilitarized Zone, I realized that I didn't care about North Korea at all and felt sad about the grim realities of the North. And of course, it's a tragedy we have been separated as I see how close we are.

The tour guide set a very tight time limit for drawing, so I had to be hurry to capture one of the North Korean infiltration
tunnels under the DMZ.
It was hard to sketch the scenery of the North because of security regulations, the packed observatory with lots of tourists and time limits. Unavoidably, I did this drawing reproduced the main room of average home in North Korea.

Passed through Heyri and stopped for an hour to sketch. The couple, drinking coffee on the terrace of the second floor of my drawing, came down to check out if I drew them. Yes, I did and made them so happy. The woman asked me send her the copy via e-mail. It was nervous to be aware of people watching me to draw but also fun.

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