Friday, December 16, 2011

Naver+20 Graphic Artists

Luckily, I participated in the Naver's Campaign for Environment. I love its installation for SDF so much!!!

Naver+20 Graphic Artists

"Based on its innovative and accurate search service, Naver, Korea's largest search portal website provides community services, including Blogs and Cafes, as well as a variety of convenient services, such as News, Knowledge Shopping, Maps, Books E-mail and Naver Tool Bar. Naver has been supporting Culture & Art area and doing various Eco-friendly projects. In Seoul Design Festival 2011, Naver and 20 artists will show the unique and creative 20 art objects to convey the messages demanding the environmental protection." from the directory book of SDF

멋진 그래픽아티스트 분들과 작업해 더 즐거웠던 네이버 환경캠페인 작업
네이버, 환경을 생각하다!

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